Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Band: Sneek Peek Concert Announcement

RYG Announces “Sneak Peek” Concert

Raise Your Glass (RYG) announced today that they will be doing a low-key “Sneek Peek” concert for close friends, family and some industry people at Paladino’s Night Club in Tarzana, CA on Friday September 11th at 10:30pm.

This will be the band’s first public show since the band was formed. Expectations are high and butterflies abound as the group puts the finishing touches on its first show. Katrina Danford, lead vocalist for RYG has stated that the group will be doing a fast-paced 45-minute set covering a wide variety of P!nk’s most popular radio singles.

“We wanted to focus on just delivering a really high quality music experience for the audience this first time out,” said Katrina, “So no trapezes or bungee chords this time but we have done some really cool re-arrangements of some of P!nks tunes including a mashup of “Raise Your Glass” with “If God is a DJ” and “Trouble.” We also have taken a few of P!nks live versions of songs like “Get The Party Started” and “Funhouse” and given them our own special twist. I think the audience is gonna like what we have been able to do so far.”

Guitarist and co-founder Scott Ramsay agrees. “We have been working the material pretty hard since we decided to do the show. Our keyboardist Tony has put together a really cool show curve that has these really unique moments that will make you feel like you are at a full on P!nk concert. The band is getting super tight and Katrina and the girls are starting to really find their vocal blend. It is going to be an exciting first show.”

If anyone is interested in getting an invite to the show, email RYG at info@rygrocks.com and ask about tickets or getting on the VIP list.

Download the invitation postcard