• Favorite Drink:

    Coke or Yager. Better yet, Coke and Yager!!

  • Favorite Food:

    Tacos. I am Scottish after all.

  • Favorite Song:

    Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC

  • What are you listening to now:

    Soilwork–The Ride Majestic

  • Favorite downtime activity:

    Mountain Biking, Body Boarding, Mud Runs…If it’s extreme, I’ll try it.

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With his flaming red hair and rugged Scottish looks, Scott Ramsay looks like the leading romantic lead right out of Central Casting for Braveheart II or Starz’ Outlander Series, but in fact he is extremely shy around cameras and it isn’t until you put an electric guitar cranked up to 11 that you truly see this extraordinary musician come to life.

Son of immigrant parents from Dumbarton, Scotland, Scott has grown up loving music all his life. From his first exposure to bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Dio, Scott knew he wanted to be a rock guitar god rather than the kilt wearing hero of every romance novel ever written. Scott is completely self-taught having buried himself since his early teens in every hard rock album he could get his hands on. From his first heavy metal band in High School to his success on large concert stages with bands like Rayzing Sons, Ellsbeth, Neverwonder, and World Affairs, Scott’s passion for fusing aggressive metal and groove heavy funk has earned him a reputation as a premiere guitarist in the circles of rock aficionados everywhere he has played. And everywhere he has played includes every gin joint in Los Angeles to the premiere stages of the House of Blues, the Viper Room, the Whiskey and the Roxy as well as headlining concerts around the nation and the world.

Scott’s ability to incorporate rock, pop and funk into an electrifying stage show that explodes with primal energy and reckless abandon has put him front and center to every group he has played with both on-stage and in the studio. His passion for pushing the envelope in his pursuit of ever higher standards of creative ways to re-envision the role of the professional guitar hero keeps Scott’s music always fresh and always a thrill to experience.

As a result, Scott has had the privilege of opening for world-famous acts like Dio, Static-X, Ill Nino, Fishbone, Body Count, Devin Townsend and Kings X. With Raise Your Glass (RYG), Scott, who bears a striking resemblance to P!nk’s long time touring guitarist Justin Derrico, brings that unique aggressive edge to P!nk’s pop music that sets her apart from all the other pop-bands who like to play it safe within the sonic borders. From the first power chord to the last lightning solo run, Scott has earned the title of guitar hero and wears it proudly though he has yet to do so in a Highland kilt and sporran. But who knows what will happen when RYG takes the stage at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall just a stones throw from his home town.