Why P!nk?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “Why P!nk?”. If doing a tribute show to a famous female artist why not Madonna, Benatar, Joplin or Spears? The answer is simple. P!nk is that singular artist who sits at the nexus of what talent agencies, entertainment buyers and live music aficionados are looking for.

  • An artist whose popularity is still on the rise and continues to break records and set new standards in the music industry.
  • An artist whose music appeals to people across all generations, all cultural backgrounds, and all socio-economic boundaries.
  • An artist whose live shows specifically focus on bringing fans into the “party” to be part of the show.
  • An artist who continues to break the mold in production standards, and entertainment value while at the same time remaining completely genuine and approachable in her character and persona.

P!nk’s music just kicks ass.

With all this in mind, Raise Your Glass was created to offer an obvious choice to anyone looking to bring their event a live-music solution that is certain to increase attendance, generate excitement and leave the audience feeling they have been a part of something very special. Of course there is the fact that P!nk’s music just kicks ass. Pop-perfect melodies, lyrics that strip away facade and pretension and a high-volume energy that just gets people on their feet.

In the end the question isn’t “Why P!nk?” it’s why didn’t someone do it sooner?

P!nk Notes
  • To date P!nk’s six studio and three live albums have sold over 50 million copies and 83 million singles worldwide.
  • P!nk has had 12 Top 10 Hits including three #1 hits making her the third highest female artist with the most Top 10 singles since 2000.
  • P!nk’s Funhouse Tour alone sold over 3,000,000 tickets worldwide.
  • P!nk’s most recent Truth About Love Tour was the third highest grossing tour of 2013 with over 2 million tickets sold grossing almost $185 million in sales.
  • P!nk continues to be one of the top drawing acts in more than 20 countries around the world.
  • P!nk’s audience demographic draws equally to male and females, boomers to millennials, and across all socio-economic markers.