Pop Perfect Music meets Top-Tier Talent

Raise Your Glass (RYG) is quickly establishing itself as THE definitive P!nk tribute show in the U.S. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, RYG has developed a growing fan base that includes a cross diversity of P!nk aficionados as well as those who are captured by the group’s high-energy performances and quickly become P!nk fans. Because of the multi-generational appeal and pop inclusiveness that defines P!nk’s music, RYG brings a “Perfect Storm” trifecta to any event producer, high-end booking agent or corporate talent agency.

1. Global Appeal

P!nk’s music has no demographic boundaries. Her albums and concerts sell out to people from six to sixty, cutting across all social, ethnic, cultural, and language borders. This “pop-perfect” appeal has made her the global phenomena she is today.

2. Global Recognition

RYG is unlike most tribute shows because they are building on an artist who is current and whose popularity is growing. Most tribute acts are linked to groups or artists whose prime has long since passed and therefore has a limited, and often, diminishing appeal. P!nk’s popularity and recognition continues to build with each new album and tour she performs.

3. Global Demand

Live entertainment continues to be a consistent growth market and Live music continues to lead that demand. People want to be not only entertained, but to be engaged in that entertainment with others. RYG take the music and feel of one of the world’s best-selling acts and brings that experience to any venue where the goal is to get people on their feet and having a great time, minus the high cost of major arena shows.


The members of Raise Your Glass are all experienced, established musical artists who have years of experience both in the recording studio and on local and global stages. Having performed with both Grammy and Academy award-winning artists, the members of RYG now bring their cumulative talents together to create a musical experience you will not soon forget.


Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Band: Katrina Danford Band Thumbnail


Lead Vocals

Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Band: Scott Ramsay Bio Thumbnail


Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Band: Danny Knapp Bio Thumbnail

DANNY KNAPP Bassist and Backup Vocals

Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Band: Jon Poli Bio Thumbnail

Drums and Percussion

Raise Your Glass – Pink Tribute Band: Tony TerBorg Bio Thumbnail

Keyboards and Backup Vocals